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A Bright Spot in the Forest

March 4, 2011

A Bright Spot in the Forest by Cheryl McDonald

Do you ever have weeks where you think everything is going along great. You feel good, projects are going well, you have an awesome sense of joy and excitement about what is coming to fruition and then suddenly one morning you wake up in a cold sweat and wonder- “What will become of me? Where am I going? And How am I going to get there?”

That is what happened to me this morning. I was awake at 3:30 having a worry fit about what will happen in the future! So after some deep breathing, some writing in my journal and a prayer to bring me back to sanity, I fell back to sleep and when I awoke a couple of hours later, there were ideas and directions on what to do next right there in my mind where just a few hours ago had been chaos and fear. Wow! Sometimes I feel like that little yellow flower in the image at the top of the page- surrounded in the deep dark forest fighting for just a bit of light and fresh air.

Living the nontraditional life that I live, can be an interesting challenge. Learning not to listen to the fears of others is probably one of the biggest challenges. What I am working to accomplish is beyond reason sometimes, and yet deep down in my heart I know that I am on the right path and that this creative path that I am on is bringing much to this world that is needed.

Finding the path of our destiny is difficult for many to figure out. For me it has been easy to know but harder to follow and stay focused. Each day I find more and more to be grateful for and more that I can share. Each day I have all that I need and more. When you think of your version of security, can you really say that it will be there forever, no matter what? I know that the flow of life that I experience daily is as secure as it can get. No matter what, and that is what I know today.

Cheryl McDonald is and artist and philosopher who now lives in the desert in Southern California. To see her latest work please go to or


So this is the next big Adventure!

August 12, 2010

Well it is not Monday and I really don’t have any new pictures to share, just some observations. Hope you can indulge me.

The passing of my sister Linda has created an incredible void in my life. I knew we were close, but did not realize just how much I depended on her joyful observations and enlightenments every week.

I have decided to move into the family home. Not sure for how long, that will depend on several things. But hey- one day at a time…

So I have started moving my things down from San Francisco a van load at a time. I think doing it in bits and pieces will be better for me than one fell swoop- as they say. It gives me time to drive, to ponder, to clean and organize and also to exorcise the ghosts and memories of 45+ years of being connected with this house. I remember when my parents built it, I was 11 years old I think.They hired a contractor, worked with him on the design, the layout and the materials. My Father was an electrician and a very handy man having grown up on a farm, so he/we did a lot of the work ourselves. I remember painting all of the walls- choosing colors with Mom. Finishing the kitchen cabinets and choosing the fixtures for the sinks, lighting and all. It seemed like such a big house, and still is compared to where I was living in San Francisco. 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a big yard and a beautiful kitchen. The garage has been converted into a room and will become my art studio. I have visions of fruit trees, vegetable garden and a place to entertain.

I remember being a teenager in this house, an above ground pool in the backyard and a pool table in the family room. I remember the night of my wedding and the after party my parents had here for their friends. I remember my children running through the living room and my Mother asking them to slow down! so they would not fall into the sliding glass door.  There have been so many good memories of happenings in this house and there has also been much sadness in this house. The illnesses and passing of both parents and my sister. The heartache that all of that has entailed. It became a dark, sad place that none of us really wanted to be in. Amazing how that can happen over the years.

I really had no expectations of taking on this project at this point in my life. I just knew Linda was going to get better and I, having given up my apartment in SF in June, was going to be traveling and house-sitting and exploring, helping Linda as I could. Well that all changed in July.

So rewind, reverse, change directions and here I am with a beautiful home that needs to be loved. It needs to be filled once more with laughter and creativity and joy and beauty. And even though I really had no intentions of being the one to do it, I am now stating the intention that this is now what I want to do. This is the place I want to be and this is the task I have set for myself.

There will be a lot of work, a lot of change and a lot of sorting and clearing of memories, things and a lot of healing. I am looking forward to building a life, an art studio and a home here in the desert.

At some point soon, I hope I will be ready for visitors, right now I have my work cut out for me! And I must say it is all good.



Cheryl McDonald is the owner of Passions at Play Art & Design. She is an artist, illustrator and designer, working in photography, watercolor and more! To see some of her work.

Artist, Illustrator, or Designer…yes!

February 9, 2010

letting go-by cheryl mcdonald

The last couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of self- evaluation- again- I keep going through this I guess, because I just can’t possibly believe that it is possible to be able to promote all of the things I do! Most of the art and design gurus tell us that it is important to focus on one style or one medium or at least one profession- So I keep trying to figure out which of these things I should be working on. The trouble is I have successes in all of these things- illustration, fine art, and graphic design and I love doing them all! I also have several different styles and work in several different mediums, and am told that I do them all rather successfully. It is interesting to me also that all of these things sort of rotate through my life. And I am beginning to see that, that is how I should work them- Putting the money and attention and resources on the one that is creating the fullness and bringing the most passion to my life at the moment. I have had this feeling that if I could just get “someone who knows” to tell me what I should do, then I could just do it. Guess what, everyone has a different opinion on what I should do and where I should focus. All of them credible in their fields. What I am learning- actually re-learning is that I really need to trust myself on this, follow my passions which just happen to be all of these things and use all of the tools I know to share my multiple talents to create the beauty and truth and wisdom I am given every day.

What I also realize is that discipline is necessary to carry out what needs to be done to accomplish the goals I have for each of these aspects. And that also is only something I can do for myself. As a business owner, I am in charge of my day- so I need to follow through on the tasks that need to be done. It is my responsibility to do the promotion, the daily connecting with clients as well as the daily creating. How lucky am I to have to create everyday!

There are no limits and the more I learn, the more I have to share. I guess the real issue is just being in balance and that is a subject for another day.

Just maybe that is the beauty of the name of my company- Passions at Play Art & Design.

Art and Design are my passion, and my way of playing through life.