Images of Passions at Play

I guess it is time to start an art blog

I write about art in my other blog but now that I am a member of a few other sites, maybe it is time to start connecting the dots and connecting with the other people on these sites, I am a new member of Worldwide Women Artists Online and am constantly seeing the other women promoting their work and each others work. This is how it all happens I think.

So a little bit about myself as an artist and illustrator, graphic designer and part time marketing person. I currently work for 5 small restaurant and wine shops here in the Bay area, I do all of their graphic design for print and web and try to promote them and their companies. I would love to get back to doing more freelance work for others- particularly illustration. Many people tell me my fine art is very illustrative and are constantly asking me “Why don’t you do illustration?” I guess my best response would be “Not sure how to get into that!”

I have had online portfolios for many years and kind of go back and forth about keeping them updated. I think it is time I got more serious about this so here we go!

My goal is to write weekly and to include other artists work as well- One can only talk about one self so long and then both I and everyone else get bored to tears!

So if you are an artist or illustrator who would like to connect please send me an email with a link and we shall talk!

My new mantra is: Peace, Love and Prosperity – require creativity.

let’s be on our way!



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