On to the Next Big Adventure

Yosemite Spring-by Cheryl McDonald

Yosemite Spring

Well the apartment is now empty, all the remaining prized possessions have been safely interred in a lovely storage space. It is time to start a new chapter to this wonderful life. Time to try a new approach to living. I have always wanted to travel, to explore new places, meet new people and Now is the beginning of this adventure. This economy has caused me to re-think what is important in my life. Who are the people I really want to be with and where are the places I really want to be? I love the city of San Francisco, however I want to see more, experience more, and I want to find inspiration to create more in new and interesting ways.

So now I am doing some traveling, some house-sitting and working on building an identity as a photographer and artist. My first stop was another trip back to Yosemite. As I am doing a series of the Season of Yosemite, it was time to get back there and take some late Spring pictures. The waterfalls are so full of water- The roar of the water fills the park and if you choose to walk up the paths in their direction the sound is deafening and you can count of being showered with the mist. Just a few moments at the base of any of the Falls is enough to damage the camera and rain gear is a good idea!

Tamarack Creek Falls, Yosemite National Park-by Cheryl McDonald

Tamarack Creek Falls

Horse Tail Falls, Yosemite National Park-by Cheryl McDonald

Horse Tail Falls

Rush- Yosemite Falls closeup-by Cheryl McDonald


Along the Merced River-by Cheryl McDonald

Along the Merced River

Along the Merced River-2-by Cheryl McDonald

Along the Merced River-2

Misted Falls- Yosemite National Park-by Cheryl McDonald

Misted Falls

Many of the roads were still closed due to snow and there were also several roads that are under construction, so it was difficult to get around to some of the sites. As a matter of fact, I actually spent the night inside the park- crashed in my van at Tunnel View for a few hours and then the base of Yosemite Falls, because the road out to my accommodations was closed for long periods of time for construction. That was certainly not my plan, but luckily I do drive a van and carry a sleeping bag on a regular basis. I would have to say though that it was quite a treat to be able to wake up to the sun coming up in the middle of the park. And the stars in the sky and the lighted climbers on El Capitan at night were really quite amazing to see. Will have to do some more research on night photography, so that next time this happens I will be prepared!

Yosemite Spring-2-by Cheryl McDonald

Yosemite Spring-2

Stone Grandeur-Mountains of Yosemite National Park-by Cheryl McDonald

Stone Grandeur

Reflections of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park-by Cheryl McDonald

Reflections of Half Dome

However I did get some more beautiful waterfall pictures and the green valley and forest were really quite beautiful. So now I am headed to Southern California for a visit with friends and family. Staying in San Diego County will be another treat I have not had for awhile. Looking forward to shooting gardens and San Diego in the next few days. Stay tuned!


28 Responses to “On to the Next Big Adventure”

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  2. Louise Edington Says:

    Nice pics! Look forward to following your adventures…

  3. Dawn Thomas Says:

    WOW! What gorgeous photography! And your adventures to actually be able to get these amazing shots sounds incredible! I look forward to the next post from San Diego! Cheers to you, Cheryl!!!

  4. ChrisLWagner Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. What a great adventure you’re going on. I envy you being able to travel and have free time. I’m sure you’ve earned it. Can’t wait to see the next photos.

    • passionsatplay Says:

      Hi Chris,
      I am not sure I have earned it, I have actually chosen just to do it. I decided that I would rather use my resources to be a free spirit rather than have a home- so I am, as they say “home-free” I work as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist and I can do much of my business online. House sitting will give me experiences in many different locations and I am available for photo essays, event photography and custom illustration. Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  5. irene turner Says:

    WOW, beautiful photographs! I have not been to Yosemite yet and my husband and I always talk about going. This helps to inspire me to do it sooner rather then later.

  6. Donna McCord Says:

    Gorgeous photos, bringing back memories of when I used to go to Yosemite almost every summer with my family as a little girl. It is a timeless place. You are a real inspiration to others that are on the brink of deciding what to do when they grow up! I look forward to seeing more chapters in your adventure.

  7. Kate W Says:

    Good for you, Cheryl! My husband and I made a similar decision and embarked on our own long-term trip in March. Do you have a plan or are you playing things by ear? All in the US or also abroad? I look forward to hearing how things go for you.

    • passionsatplay Says:

      I am depending on intuition/ Source. I am an adventurous soul though, and have always wanted to do this, finally realized there was no time like the present and the best reason to do it is because I want to! Looks like you are blogging your adventure as well, we shall keep in touch!

  8. Clyde Lerner Says:


    I admire your adventurous spirit and the “just go for it” attitude. What a great opportunity to explore life and meet folks outside your normal circle.

    I have very fond memories of Yosemite, as I’ve been there over 10 times throughout my life time, with my dad, my grandfather, my cousin and friends. Climbing half-dome (the backside) has been really fun. It’s amazing how much more crowded it’s getting, though.

    Looking forward to next update!


    • passionsatplay Says:

      Thanks Clyde, even though I grew up close to the Sierras all my life, Yosemite was not a place we went. I am looking forward to the passes being open on my next trip, so I can explore the other areas with my camera. I do like being there in the off season though and being able to enjoy the solitude and the grandeur in a much more quiet way. Thanks for your comment!

  9. Stephanie Feldman Says:

    What an amazing adventure you are having, what a wonderful brief escape through photos for me!

  10. Chrystal Says:

    As a person who grew up in Nevada, I can tell you that when I went to Yosemite for the first time – I was just awe struck. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I am still floored by the beauty and the amazing landscapes. Every time I go there it’s like it’s my first time there.
    Your pics are beautiful. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  11. Julia M Lindsey Says:

    What a wonderful way to chronicle your adventure. I am looking forward to seeing where your passions take you.

  12. Lee Lonitz Says:

    I have been aching to visit Yosemite this season since the hard winter and spring rains, anxious to see and hear the full, deafening waterfalls. Thanks for wetting my appetite further with your beautiful photos and sensory descriptions. I can almost see myself there!

  13. Annie @ SisterWisdom Says:

    Love the beauty here, thanks for capturing it and sharing it. Something about the water especially is so soothing. I’ve lived in two states in my life: Mississippi and Missouri. Not mountainous, to say the least (I don’t think the Ozarks really count… lol.) But my husband and I hope to settle out west eventually – we’re a work in progress! Have fun on your adventures, I look forward to hearing/seeing more.

    • Cheryl McDonald Says:

      Thank you Annie and you are welcome! I hope to spend more time in other parts of the country have traveled through the Ozarks but not had the time to stop and enjoy. There are so many beautiful places to see in the country! And yes- life is a work in progress!

  14. bill browning Says:

    Cheryl wonderful pictures. One of my favorite books as a kid was Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charlie.” Recently I posted on my blog that I was shifting also to travel and live in more places and explore whether home is truly where the heart is.

    I’m looking forward to your coming ventures. Who knows? Our paths may cross. Smokey Mountains? Mt. Hood? Ja Jolla – that’s where I’m headed next.

    • Cheryl McDonald Says:

      Hi Bill,
      Yes, I am sure home is actually where I am, and that can be anywhere in the world. I am actually staying in Vista right now- passed La Jolla today on the way to San Diego- may end up there tomorrow!
      Look forward to seeing more of your blog as well.

  15. Lisa Ann Landry Says:

    What fabulous pictures! Best wishes on your travels. I’m so grateful that I have had the opportunity to go visit every State. Its fun to know I have some cool or wacky story about every place I’ve been. I’ve decided to blog about it. Traveling has given me the opportunity to see some of the coolest things, like Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, Lava Flows, Rain Forest etc. What an adventure you are in store for.

  16. Jennifer Duchene Says:

    Cheryl I salute you for taking off to follow your dream artist! Love the waterfalls, you took me right into the moment. I could heard the water crashing! Make it a grand adventure.

  17. Haley Montgomery Says:

    Cheryl, I loved your photographs! They were such a breath of fresh air to my afternoon. Congratulations on taking your life changes and making them your own. Best wishes on your new adventure!

  18. Ron Hori Says:

    Best of success to you! Sounds like a chance to reflect on Life.
    Ron Hori

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