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A Moment in Time, May 2, 2010, 8am pacific

May 3, 2010
Bernie's Coffee, photo by Cheryl McDonald

Bernie's Coffee, Noe Valley,San Francisco

So yesterday, Sunday the 2nd of May at 8am around the world, the New York Times held a call for photos and over 10,000 people responded! People from all around the globe uploaded one image of what they were doing, where they were, or what was important to them at 8am their time. Pretty exciting and there are some really amazing pictures so far. You should check out the blog site Lens. They are still in the process of loading and organizing images so I sure the site will change a lot in the next few days.

I was one of the people in the world that responded to their call for entries. I learned about it last week, set my alarm to remind me and started thinking about where I wanted to be on Sunday morning. I thought about what I wanted to share with the world that is something about my world. I did not seem to have any great ideas-  at least none that were not contrived and hoaky,  so I decided to take a walk down on 24th Street in Noe Valley with my camera and see what showed up. I love doing this on Sunday mornings. It is a good healthy walk down the hill and an even healthier walk up the hill!

It was a beautiful sunshine morning yesterday, even so, 8 am is a bit early for people to be out in this neighborhood. There are usually lot’s of young families with strollers, toddlers and dogs on leashes, but not this morning, so it was a quiet leisurely walk. There are a variety of places I like to visit on 24th Street depending on what I am in the mood for. Usually I walk up and down the main drag seeing what captures my interest before I make my selection.

Ohla and Jesus, photo by Cheryl McDonald

Ohla and Jesus staff the coffee bar at Bernie's

Well yesterday morning, at 8am it just so happened that I was in front of one of the great coffee establishments in San Francisco- Bernie’s Coffee- 3966 24th Street. So what better image to capture to share with the world then a view of a warm and friendly place here in this great city. Ohla and Jesus were behind the counter and were happy to accommodate me and my camera with a great portrait of the 2 of them, which is the image I sent in to the Times.

Ohla selling muffins, photo by Cheryl McDonald

Ohla selling muffins at Bernie's

Here are a couple more of them hard at work

Jesus in a blur of busy-ness, photo by Cheryl McDonald

Jesus is a blur

and of course there has to be a dog picture at a coffee shop, so I have added one of those as well.

Waiting for treats, photo by Cheryl McDonald

Waiting for treats outside

Bernie’s coffee is owned by Bernie Melvin, “a local girl” and is located at 3966 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. There is a Facebook page and you can find it and all Bernie’s fans here- Bernie’s Coffee Fanatics