Spring has Sprung!

Spring Trumpets by Cheryl McDonald

We had the most amazing weather this weekend! I had a chance to get out and wander in the city.
Everything is blooming, gardens are awakening.

People are out enjoying the sun in the parks. Life is blooming! Flowers, Trees, even the alleys are bursting with color!

Garden Alley-North Beach, Cheryl McDonaldI have always loved playing in the garden, walking into a nursery is like walking in and meeting good friends.
Plants are soothing creatures to be around. As you can tell from previous blogs I dig being out in the open,
however I also love being in garden spaces that people have lovingly created.

Garden Path by Cheryl McDonald

Spaces that are livable, functional and reflections of the people who create them. This weekend while I was out I took pictures of flowers and garden walkways, entry ways and parks.

Here are a few of the places I found. I enjoyed capturing the details and the character of these spaces.

The Red Mailbox by Cheryl McDonald

Stairways and pathways leading us in to the garden are intriguing and inviting.

The Royal Guard by Cheryl McDonald

Colorful proclaimers like the pride of Madeira or Calla Lilies trumpeting the arrival of Spring.

Now is the time to be out enjoying a garden, your garden! If you live in the Bay area and have a garden you love and enjoy, either public or private, I would love know about it, even to come and take pictures of it. We take portraits of our family, dogs, homes how about a garden portrait?

I would also like to put in a plug for my friend Barbara Paul- one of the most amazing garden designers in Southern California- she is a specialist in sustainable landscape design! Check her out here www.gardenessss.com


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