California Wildflowers- Beautiful!

Spring Meadow by Cheryl McDonald

a Spring Meadow in the foothills of the Sierras

I missed writing my blog last week- I was traveling on Monday, coming back from a week roadtrip that included Yosemite, the central valley, Los Angeles, and parts of Orange County. It was great to see my Daughters and their families again and we had a wonderful time- that could be a whole separate blog. One of my photography assignments that I had set for myself for this trip was to capture the wildflowers that might be blooming along the way. Although there are always flowers this time of year, it is always a surprise to see which ones and how many are blooming. We have had lot’s of rain in California and the flowers should be spectacular. I was out a little early so I am guessing that this next couple of weeks will be even better. However, I must say that I was certainly not disappointed.

Wildflowers in the Foothills by Cheryl McDonald

Wildflowers in the Foothills of the Sierras

The images I had captured in Yosemite were very wintery and grand. Once leaving the mountains Spring was definitely in bloom.The foothills were filled with yellow and white posies, the fruit trees were covered in pinks and whites and the grass valleys boasted their bright orange carpets of California poppies. The billowy clouds from Monday’s storm added drama to the colorful landscape. California is definitely in bloom!

Poppies by Cheryl McDonald

California Poppy Preserve

On my way home I headed up the 14 to hwy 138 in search of desert wildflowers- poppies and others as well as Joshua trees. This is where I think I was a little early in the season. Things were just starting to bloom.

The 2 pictures here are from a couple of years ago, and from what I saw last week. This year should also be spectacular. If you have not taken a tour of our vast California landscape lately I highly recommend it. There are lot’s of little towns to explore and the scenery is unbeatable!

Joshua Tree Bloom by Cheryl McDonald

Joshua trees in Bloom


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6 Responses to “California Wildflowers- Beautiful!”

  1. Sharon Hiebing Says:

    Gorgeous pictures. You are so right – we live in an amazing state. Need to stop once in a while and take it all in! Thanks Cheryl!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Creating Wealth through Caring & Connecting

  2. Shirley Runco Says:

    Your beautiful photos are so inspiring that it makes me want to take a road trip to enjoy the spring beauty that surrounds us here in Northern California. Thanks for sharing with us Cheryl.

  3. Barbara Paul Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Cheryl. Wonderful photos of a wonderful countryside!

  4. passionsatplay Says:

    Thanks Everyone for your great comments! Much appreciated

  5. Kerry Hargraves Says:

    Beautiful images. You have a great eye. The contrast between the soft misty images in Yosemite and these crisp green views of Spring really highlight the vast contrasts our lovely state has to offer. You show them so well. Thank you.

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