Floating through Yosemite

Floating through Yosemite, by Cheryl McDonald

Floating through Yosemite

El Capitan in the Mist by Cheryl McDonald

El Capitan in the Mist

I seem to be on a roll lately with the fog theme- I don’t mind as you can tell.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in Yosemite National Park. I thought about trying to arrive for sunrise but realized I would have had to leave home at about 2am. That just seemed a little absurd, so I left at 5 and was ready to just expect magic! It happened. There was a storm coming in- not a big one, just enough to add some drama to the otherwise beautiful mountains, forests and rivers.

Misty Falls by Cheryl McDonald

Misty Falls

The clouds were rolling low through the valley encircling El Capitan, completely hiding Half Dome, but otherwise floating through the forest creating that mystical, magical feeling I love so much. Some light rain and even a little hail, did not deter me from walking the paths to view Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Falls and some of the meadows throughout the park.

Tre-line in the Forest by Cheryl McDonald

Tree-line in the Forest

The Ahwahanee Hotel was it’s warm and inviting self- a roaring fire in the grand hall, and a toasty cup of coffee helped to give me a brief respite from the cold outside. As the day grew long, I realized that the storm was really starting to set in, so I decided to leave the park and find my way down the hill to Oakhurst for the night. As I traveled the winding road down the hill the snow began to fall, covering the roads with a new layer of soft white. It had been a long time since I had been in the snow and even though it was a little slow going, I really enjoyed the drive and had to stop once and get out and play just a little. You know- throw a snowball, let flakes land on your tongue- all that playful, fun stuff that fresh snow is about.

As I arrived in Oakhurst, the dark skies were following me and I expected we would have rain during the night. I got my room and found a most delicious Chinese restaurant called the Jasmine Gazebo. Wonderful fresh food and met some very friendly locals for some light conversation. As the night settled in, so did the storm. And much to my surprise there was snow happening! Right outside my motel! What fun!

Snowy Sunrise by Cheryl McDonald

Snowy Sunrise in Oakhurst, CA

When I woke up this morning, I had to get out and take more pictures. The sunrise on the snow and the clouds rolling across the valley were once more creating a magical winter wonderland.

Crystal Blossoms by Cheryl McDonald

Crystal Blossoms

This has been a very special trip for me, and today I will wander on down the road towards the Central Valley and the possibility of more magic is high. In the Valley, Spring is beginning to arrive and the wildflowers are beginning to bloom. I will certainly keep you posted!


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