Getting a Clear View of Fog

Floating across the bridge, copyright Cheryl McDonald, 2009

Floating Across the Bridge

One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the fog- I know that probably seems weird to people who grew up here-

I grew up in the Mojave desert, Southern California, and the closest we ever came to fog in our valley was actually sand blowing so hard across the desert, it looked like fog! It didn’t happen often, but it did happen. Of course on the other side of the mountains was the Central Valley- famous for their Tule fog, however that is so thick you can cut it with a knife and it is very dangerous to drive in.

I live in the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco and most of the time I am up above the fog.

The City Exposed, copyright Cheryl McDonald

The City Exposed

I watch it roll in around from both sides of the bay meeting at the Bay bridge and then it swells and comes up over the top of the hill and flows in on the city like a soft white blanket. Sometimes I can sit and watch it creating vignettes of different parts of the city- First the Castro shows bits of architecture and light only to disappear. Then bits of the Mission or Noe Valley peek through, disappearing back into the fog. I love to go to the top of the Peaks when the fog is coming in at sunset- the glow of the sun sinking into the Pacific under the cloud cover, gives you the feeling that you could walk right off onto the clouds and hike on over to China or at least Hawaii!

Take a Walk on High, copyright Cheryl McDonald, 2009

Take a Walk on High

I have always been a big fan of clouds how those monstrous water-logged entities can float across the sky effortlessly is still amazing to me. As I was going through photos today I re-discovered several fog images I have taken in the past few months- I would like to share them with you today. Thank you for letting me share one more of my passions with you!

Cheryl McDonald is the owner of Passions at Play Art & Design, specializing in watercolor and photographic illustration. To see more of her work please go to


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