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A San Francisco Sunset

November 16, 2009

Sunset at the Cliff House, San Francisco, CA

Sunset at the Cliff House, watercolor with pen & ink by Cheryl McDonald, all rights reserved, 2009

Went out the the beach the other night to catch the sunset. I am working on watercolors of San Francisco and decided that a painting of the Cliff House at Sunset would make a great addition to the series. Sunset is at 6:01 according to my iphone application so I go out about 4:30 so that I can walk, scope out the scene, find a good location to capture just the right view of the Cliff House and some color in the sky. The weather is chilly and clear, lot’s of wind whipping up great waves for the kite surfers out on the water. So much fun to watch them skating across the water lead by giant crescent shaped kites colorfully marking the sky. The tide is in and there are lot’s of people out with their dogs who are so enjoying the surf, chasing their balls and each other. It really is a gorgeous site.  I notice that there are no clouds, no fog, beginning to wonder if there will actually be any color to the sunset. No atmosphere= no colorful sunset. So I am thinking this photo-op is not really going to happen. And then I realize a clear sky in photography can be easily translated into a colorful sky in watercolor. One of my favorite things to paint is sky. So I continue on snapping pictures and as the sun goes down over the ocean, I pack up my camera and head home.

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