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A View of San Francisco

August 26, 2009
Pen & Ink Watercolor by Cheryl McDonald, copyright 2009

Pen & Ink Watercolor by Cheryl McDonald, copyright 2009

I moved to the city a little over 3 years ago and still have not experienced it all. Although San Francisco is not a large city it is a very busy and very culturally diverse city and there is always something new to experience here.

I did not start painting San Francisco right away, actually it took me 3 years to start. But now that I have begun to paint this city, I know that there is an endless supply of work coming that will keep me busy for a very long time.  A wide variety of architecture from many periods and some very prominent architects as well. Some people find the variety unappealing, I am just the opposite, the diversity of Victorian and Art Deco mixed with Modern makes for a very interesting backdrop for all of the eclectic people who live and visit this city. The unique weather patterns and the clarity of the air along with the beautiful Northern California Coast create drama and light that make for very beautiful paintings and drawings. Also there are so many attractions and historic sites to see here. My goal is to document memories of one of the most beautiful and fun cities in the world.

To see all of my paintings on San Francisco and other locations go to: On Location

You can buy cards and prints of many of these images at the California Welcome Center at PIER 39

other locations are coming soon!

Peace, Love, and Prosperity, requires Creativity!



Long time, no post

August 22, 2009
Watercolor and Pen & Ink by Cheryl McDonald, copyright 2009

Watercolor and Pen & Ink by Cheryl McDonald, copyright 2009

It has been awhile since I last posted to this blog- all the way back in June! A lot has happened since then. I have been part of 4 art exhibitions- one a solo show, 3 in San Francisco and one in Culver City/Los Angeles. I have once again started painting city scenes- this time San Francisco city scenes and some more wine country. I have created a new series of cards and prints for Cards With a View, called A View of San Francisco and they are now on sale for the first time at the California Welcome Center in PIER 39 here in San Francisco. I have also updated my website by adding 12 pages of on location watercolors under the watercolor tab. I went back and found all the paintings I had done of Southern California Beach Towns and also some paintings of Lexington, Virginia that used to be sold at the Stonewall Jackson house in that city. I loaded them all and made pages for each of them. My goal is to now create pages where you can purchase cards and prints from me of any of these images. I also added many of my Floral Botanical paintings. I have more and will be adding those shortly.

So now that I have had a good solid year of showing in galleries and alternative spaces, I am going to focus more of my energy on creating and finding ways for my art to get into other peoples hands where it belongs. I have explored many online communities and off line communities and think I have a plan for which ones will work for me and which ones won’t. I also know more about how to connect the two and hopefully make them work together.  It has been a very productive year- (you are probably wondering why I am talking as if a new year is beginning? Well August is my birthday month and that is, for me, when my new year begins.)

So the point of all of this is that I have been doing a lot of learning, exploring and discovering and am now looking forward to not only doing more of these but also doing more art and more business in a more focused way. Passions at Play is alive and kicking and Cards With a View is making a comeback- in a very big way. Stay tuned.

Peace, Love and Prosperity requires Creativity!