Worn, by Cheryl McDonald,2008

Worn, by Cheryl McDonald,2008

Update on this Post- 6-27-09

I had a great conversation yesterday with someone about this drawing and her take on it was completely different than what I had written. She found it to be a very positive image. She talked about how precious this beautiful glove was, how it had been worn so much that the fingers were unraveling. This was a loved glove. We also discussed and noticed which fingers it was that were unraveling and worn- the thumb and index finger- these are really our “doing” fingers- the ones we use to point and make judgements or the ones that are the busy fingers. The rest of the glove still intact in more about “being” than “doing”. It was really great to hear her insight. I don’t always know the meaning of these images when I create them and it is very meaningful for me to hear what others see in them. Thank you for sharing my anonymous friend!

Today the Illustration Friday word is “Worn”

It just so happens I have a drawing by the same title. This drawing was done at the end of last year, 2008 and for me, captured a sense of how I was feeling at the time. There was so much to wear us out last year- the never-ending, it seemed, election, the never-ending wars, major crises in the financial markets, economy, many of these issues are still with us and will be for a long time to come. It all just made me feel like this beautiful crocheted glove that was worn so much the fingers were unraveling, and here it hangs in a dark place, as if left behind.

This drawing is one of a series I am working on about things hung out on a clothesline. This is the 3rd and there are 4 in total so far. More to follow. I find the concept of things we leave behind or lose to be a very interesting and emotional study into human experience. How do we relate to images like the one above? What emotions and memories do these images invoke? I would invite you to leave a comment today and share these things that will become part of the art, and possibly part of a book.

so even though this subject is not so positive, I continue to be. For inspite of all, there is more good than evil, more joy than sadness, and more love than hate and so I end this post as always

peace, love and prosperity requires creativity!



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3 Responses to “Worn”

  1. ArtSnark Says:

    striking piece – love the background texture too

  2. Susan Says:

    Beautiful drawing.

  3. Indigene Says:

    I love the background! It has so many meanings!

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