On the Path to Serenity

by Cheryl McDonald, 1997

by Cheryl McDonald, 1997

What does it take to bring you to serenity? Have you ever even been serene?

If you are an in mainstream American culture or World culture for that matter- probably not. We all lead unbeliveably busy lives and find ourselves looking forward to the moment when we will have time. Guess what- now is the time. If we cannot find a way to bring joy and peace to this moment then we are doomed to continue in the chaos that we are surrounded by- more to the point- the chaos that we generate in the choices we make about each moment that we experience. I know that for myself it is a daily process to stay focused on what matters to me and how I can share that with everyone I meet. When it comes to art and design, my goal is to deliver the message- clearly, simply and with just a touch of innovation, and fun. It is very easy to get serious about everything going on in this very busy and chaotic world and we really need to find ways to create joy.So to help you on your journey to peace and serenity, I have decided to start a print of the month sale and this is the first print- A Path to Serenity

This graphite and colored pencil drawing was created in 1997- it is a bit on the surreal side (not likely to see many orchids hanging in the sky) and the reason I have chosen this piece is that it is very timely for us all now. The stone path leads to a lotus altar on which Buddha sits. The path is marked with benches for resting in the garden. A chinese peasant carries his burden at the other end reminding us that life is about the labor of living. The more we give, the more we get in return.

When I did the piece I also wrote a simple inspirational poem to accompany it.

Simplicity, Spirituality, Authenticity
These are things that lead us
Down the path to serenity

So between now and the 31st of July I will offer a 20% discount on the purchase of a signed archival giclee that is matted in a 16″x20″ white mat ready for your frame. It is packaged in a clear plastic sleeve and shipping and tax will be extra. The cost of the print is normally $100.00 each so the sale price will be $80.00. The print is available on my website only and you can place your order via PayPal from my site.

to order this print

Looking for peace is a challenge for everyone and it is important to surround yourself with people and things that remind you of who you are and of the great value to this world that you are. So if by chance this image can help you in that quest it would be a great joy to me to share it with you!

peace, love and prosperity requires creativity!



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