What I know today is that change happens

Change is a good thing… usually.

I have made a decision to change this blog over to a art business oriented blog. Since the name of my company and the name of my blog are the same, that makes sense, don’t you think? I have enjoyed doing the personal blog and expect that I will at some point create a new one, but right now the focus needs to be on creating a cohesive marketing plan for making, selling, and showing art- because that is what I do. I hope to still write about life and the possibility of things as it relates to art. Because that is how I write. So I hope it will still be interesting, thought provoking and entertaining.

However it is time to move on. So all of the posts to this blog will soon be deleted to make way for new and interesting posts ( I hope)

peace, love and prosperity requires creativity

and that is what I know today


2 Responses to “What I know today is that change happens”

  1. Karen Casey-Smith Says:

    Best of luck with your new blog, Cheryl. It sounds like a very positive move. It really does feel like the time to step out in a bigger way. I wish you every success!

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